Guitar Player Bournemouth

Just plug in and play

                                   Welcome to Guitar Player Bournemouth.

It's a lot of fun playing guitar but it take hours of practice to learn new tunes so why not show off those skills by playing live on stage at our guitar night where you can play along to your backing tracks. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month and get started around 7.30pm. See our venue page for the venue details.

The Guitar Night started in June 2015. Along with many others I had been going to a "Shadows" music club in Waterlooville near Portsmouth which is one of many clubs around the country. The Shadows were primarily a guitar instrumental band from the 1960's and they also backed the popular singer Cliff Richard at the same time. The Shadows had many hit records which started with their first number one hit Apache in 1960 and they had many more hits up to the 1970's. If you play guitar you're bound to have come across The Shadows and their lead guitarist Hank Marvin who has influenced many big name guitarists of today like Brian May, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler and more. Even if you're a young guitarist you have probably heard their music and you may even have played it.

Guitar Player Bournemouth has been based on The Shadows club format of playing your guitar on stage to backing tracks. At this time a lot of the music we play is "The Shadows" instrumental music but there are plenty of other types played such as blues, surf music and rock 'n roll as well. We welcome many genres of music and don't want it to be just instrumental music so if you want to sing along to what you play that's good. 

We have formed this group to promote and support guitar players by providing the venue and equipment for players of  ELECTRIC guitars. Players should be able to play to a proficient standard so you can play to an audience in a live venue/pub. This gives players the opportunity and experience to play live on stage. 

You will be able to play guitar to your backing tracks or you can play and sing on your own, as a duo or trio, the choice is yours.

If you're a player of guitar instrumentals, Blues, Jazz, Surf music, Country Music, classic rock and roll or other melodic music then come and play at our Guitar Night but please refrain from Heavy Metal, Extreme and Thrash types though. 

We will have the back line set up with 2 guitar amplifiers a PA and a microphone so if you want to sing along as well so you could have 2 guitarists and a singer on stage together or as a solo guitarist playing to a backing track.

We don't have a lot of rules but this is what we're aiming at and how we'll do it.

Come along on the night with your ELECTRIC guitar and your backing tracks on a CD, Minidisc or MP3 player etc. Go to the control desk and list the tracks you want to play and hand it in with your backing tracks and write your name on a white board and that list will be the order of play. You will play 3 tracks initially then we'll play another round of at least 2 tracks later depending on how many players there are on the night. There will be no prior booking just turn up on the night and it's all free.

Get a drink, take a seat and watch the other players and please be ready to play when the player before you has finished playing their set. When it's your turn just plug your guitar in and play along to your BT.

The stage will be set with 2 guitar amplifiers with an echo unit, a PA system and a microphone. If you want to use you own effects pedals please bring them along with all the leads you'll need so you can just plug in.

We will have amps for 2 guitarists to play together or 1 guitar and 1 keyboard plus one microphone for vocals. If you bring your own keyboards please bring the cables you need to connect to the mixing desk.   

Please note this event is for players of ELECTRIC guitar only. Sorry but no acoustic guitar players for this event.

You can contact us by e mail at [email protected] 

We also have a Facebook Group page at Guitar Player Bournemouth or you can use the contact page on this web site. 



The equipment will be set up and with the following for you to use so you just plug in and play.

Bose L1 PA system 

Mixing desk to play backing tracks from CD's, minidisc, MP3 player or smart phone

A microphone for vocals

A Vox AC30 or AV60 Guitar amp

Blue Nebula or Zoom RFX 2000 echo box

Guitar leads to amps

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you and we hope to see you there.